Digital Marketing sounds so easy at first. After all, all you need to do is find the right places to go and get in front of the right people.

But when you start down the rabbit hole, it just never ends. There are limitless options for platforms to use and tactics to try, and it’s hard to know where to even start.

Then, just so things never get dull . . .

Everything. Keeps. Changing.

When you add the challenge of reaching niche audiences on top of all this, it’s easy to spend massive amounts of time and money and still feel invisible to the people you need to reach.

We know how hard it is to crack the digital marketing code, and we’re just crazy enough to love doing it.

 That’s why we help government agencies and organizations with hard-to-reach audiences to cut through the noise online and make their message known.

Niche digital marketing is a true art form, and both parts, the art and the form, are critical.

  • The art is the innovation and creativity needed to create new strategies for reaching your people. 

  • The form is data. Data provides accuracy and accountability for every decision made along the way. 

Basically, it goes like this. Innovation without data-backed decisions is vanity, and data-driven marketing without a customized, creative strategy flies right past your niche into the graveyard of good intentions.

We’ve come by this understanding honestly. ArtForm began in 1998 as a specialty print shop for business needs. Then, as the internet grew, we grew with it and dove head first into digital marketing and advertising.

Now, ArtForm is a leading voice in niche marketing for government contractors, federal agencies, associations, and nonprofits. You can find our team leading workshops and contributing content for forums like The Forbes Business Development Council, Grow with Google, The Public Affairs Council, Government Marketing University, and Women in Technology DC. 


Schedule a call with us to learn more about how this works, and to set the conversation in the right direction, request a free SEO report on your current keyword rankings. 

The digital space is a wily foe, but you can wrestle it into submission and use creative, data-driven strategies to earn the trust of the people who need your programs and solutions. We know you’re working to make the world a better place, whether it’s through the private sector or public service, and we’re here to help.

Meet the Leadership Team

Janet Waring

Co-Founder and CEO

A natural relationship builder and business accelerator, Janet Waring is a strategic marketing executive with a focus on solutions and brand cultivation. Janet has more than 25 years of business development and marketing experience and creates dynamic campaigns that generate results, surpass expectations, and positively impact client revenue. She is a strategic consultant and known as a subject matter expert in data driven marketing strategies, audience research and product positioning.   

A purveyor of client confidence and trust, Janet is widely recognized for her ability to gain actionable insights from marketing analytics, identify additional revenue streams and untapped audiences. Janet emphasizes relationship building, ensuring her ability to serve as a strategic consultant and guiding partner for her clients, including government contractors, non-profits, associations and health industry organizations. 

Not only has Janet cultivated her entrepreneurial talents into establishing ArtForm over 20 years ago, she also has contributed to the growth and success of many businesses doubling their revenue and staff in size during her tenure. Janet leads with the core competencies of a Chief Revenue Officer and has the abilities of a Creative Marketing Officer which provides any team she’s working with a layered approach that generates impressive results.

Janet has enjoyed working with clients large and small in a wide variety of industries including United States Chamber of Commerce, The Smithsonian Institute, The Organization of Autism Research, Association of Accessible Medicines, ASYMCA, Carahsoft, Iron Bow Technologies, Figure Eight Federal, and the Better Business Bureau National Programs and many more…

John Waring

Partner and Co-Founder

37 years experience in the graphic design, printing, and promotional product industry. Experience in all areas of front and back office practices. Client interfacing, sales, project management, production, bookkeeping, and strategic planning.

Erica Glotfelty


With over 13 years of experience, Erica Glotfelty continues to refine and advance her skills in an area where technology and creativity collide. Erica’s primary focus as a digital strategist and marketing professional has led and supported teams to strategically position their brands to meet their business goals and make an impact in the marketplace.


Erica’s previous clients range from startups and small businesses to nationally known non-profits, associations, and technology firms. With years of experience working in sync and across public relations teams, advertising executives, and marketers, positions Erica to view all work from a broad lens, considering the multi-faceted needs of each client.

Royce Harada

Director of Digital Marketing

Royce Harada has worked in the digital marketing space for 6 years, with a specialty in search engine optimization, paid search advertising and paid social media advertising. Having worked with various federal contract and IT solutions providers, Royce’s industry experience ranges from a deep understanding of government audiences, to project managing paid and organic campaigns in the federal space. 


Royce’s expansive knowledge of the digital space also includes digital marketing consulting to clients, many of whom work in government-targeted agencies. Royce has worked directly with teams of varied sizes to improve their online presence through integrated strategic planning, targeted marketing automation and has effectively increased engagement or conversions through paid advertising efforts.