Strategic Planning & Research

Turn your data into actionable insights and build the digital marketing strategy needed to reach your niche audience.

“What are we supposed to do with all of this data?

Every online marketing platform promises to reward your efforts with endless amounts of analytics, and that’s exactly the problem. Portals like Google Analytics are an overwhelming sea of information, and the challenge of niche digital marketing is knowing where to set course for the insights you really need.

What am I supposed to be looking at?

The first challenge is defining the right metrics and KPI’s for marketing to your unique audience.

What are these stats trying to tell me?

Analytics reveal powerful, actionable insights when read within the context of a larger strategy.

Wait! What just changed?

Massive, paradigm-shifting changes in digital marketing are a constant. When you hear about things like major privacy shifts in iOS, the “death” of 3rd party cookies, or the coming of the “metaverse,” we make sure you’re able to pivot and adapt. 

The ArtForm Process

Step One | Audit Your Website and Digital Presence

ArtForm takes a deep dive into your organic and paid ad performance. The audit for this project includes:

  • A Google Analytics Review
  • Providing a list of your ranking SEO keywords and their position in Google as well as suggested keyword enhancements for each landing page.
  • Assessment of SEO crawl issues which prevent Google from properly indexing your site. 
  • Making sure there are no broken links, that domains are properly connected, and inbound links are intact.d
  • IA (Information Architecture) review and optimization recommendations based on Google’s recommendations.
  • UX (User Experience) review and recommendations
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) recommendations
  • Competitor Research and Review 
  • SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) Review 
  • Off-site Digital Presence Review for Local Listings

Once complete, this data is used to build customized analytics dashboards to make it easy to see and interpret the metrics which truly matter to your business.

Step Two | Find Your Audience

Once your current website performance and digital presence is understood, it’s time to find new ways to reach your target audience. Understanding their online habits is the key to reaching them. 

Audience Research includes data on what your niche audience reads, watches, listens to and follows. 

  • Websites they frequent
  • Social Media Accounts they follow
  • Podcasts they listen to
  • Hashtags they use
  • Phrases they use in sharing on social
  • Phrases that appear in their bios
  • YouTube Channels they watch

Geographic Information

Step Three | Build the Strategy for Reaching Your Niche

With all of this information in hand, it’s time to draw a data-driven roadmap for reaching your target audience in the places where they spend their time online. 

A deep dive into the “form” part of the art form of digital marketing, the data, sets us up to leap into the “art” of it, and here’s where the fun begins. 

ArtForm builds creative strategies for both the ways to get in front of your audience and the messaging needed to win their trust. 

  • GovCons find pathways to reach decision makers and make their case.
  • Federal Agencies reach the specific audiences who need the programs they offer.
  • Associations recruit new members and break through the noise online to keep current members informed and engaged.
  • Nonprofits stop wasting marketing dollars and spend their supporters’ funds connecting with the people who share a heart for their mission.