Website Design & Development

Transform your website into an indispensable driver of revenue and results.

What is your website really meant to do?

Increase website conversions. Most clients we meet are aware that their website is outdated in terms of design. They know many competitors are presenting a more polished, modern presence online. However, design is a small part of the whole. Your website isn’t meant to just share information. It’s meant to build relationships and generate leads.

Win Trust

A combination of great design, intuitive user experience, and a message which resonates with your niche audience earns the confidence of your visitors. Revenue is won or lost on your home page.

Generate Qualified Leads

Your website must be designed to do more than tell people about your solutions. It needs to engage your ideal client and move them forward in your sales funnel.

Build Your Growth Hub

Websites now do more than acquire new leads. They become the integrated hub for all of your marketing tools as well as “OnlineHQ” for serving your current clients.

How to build a website that converts.

Step 1 | Discovery

At the start of the project, our team moves quickly to learn more about your business goals, and evaluating where you are now – what is working and what needs to be reconsidered. We develop and website strategy that includes content suggestions, user experience and design, and SEO strategy.

Step 2 | Design/Creatives

The design process executes the strategies defined in Step One and uses data-inspired creativity to develop the messaging and brand presence which speaks to your niche audience. This phase also includes a careful focus on user experience to ensure the site is capable of generating leads and moving people forward in your sales funnel.

Step 3 | Development

During this step, we configure website hosting and begin to build the backend of the website. We turn the designs into functional page templates, complete custom development for features, and conduct rounds of testing and refinement to test the insights gained from studying your target audience.

Step 4 | Launch

A combination of tests and techniques ensures a comprehensive evaluation of the new website before its public launch. Combined with our other services we will generate quality traffic to the site from the places where your niche audience spends time online.

Flexible Website Designs are Key to Your Success

ArtForm focuses on building highly flexible website designs. Rigid sites requiring expensive updates to change don’t help anyone. You need to be able to update content easily, pivot messaging, and adapt your site to the constant change swirling around your organization.