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How to Write a Case Study

While not a hard and fast rule, case studies that have the information below will provide a fuller picture to the reader about the scope of the challenge the customer/agency faced as well as the solutions provided.

Do not use the client’s name in your case study without first gaining their permission!

The time to solicit the case study is not at the end of the work you perform with the client, but after you have established a relationship and built a level of trust. Do not wait until the end of your engagement with the client to raise the idea of a case study.

Suggested details to include:

  1. Customer/Client name (this is not a deal killer, but does increase credibility)
  2. Nature of the problem. What was the client/agency facing that became a problem? Or challenge?
    Quantify it. What opportunity was lost or not being met? What goals were not being met? Costs overrun? Revenue lost? Mission not being met? People at risk? Etc.
  3. What were the first or early attempts at solving the problem? (There is always a first attempt, or many, that does not work, or works only in part, or solves one issue, but causes another issue. That’s why they came to YOU)
  4. How did you solve the problem that was stated in #3 above? Provide as much detail as you can, it’s easier to take out detail vs. add in a detail later. Try not to be sales-y here. The reader knows YOU sell the solution, and you want the focus to be on solving the problem, not on a sales pitch.
  5. What were the results of fixing the problem? This reflects right back on the NATURE of the problem(s) or challenge(s) identified in #2.
    Quantify it if possible.
    Qualitative, if possible, e.g., “We were able to provide our veterans service that was 40% quicker than before, which made us feel like we were better serving them
  6. Extra Bonus. Add quotes, preferably from the client. This humanizes the story and helps the reader with a similar problem identify with the customer, the product/solution, and your company better.
buyers have high expectations