Mastering the Art of Announcing Contract Wins: A Press Release Template for Government Contractors

Winning a government contract is a significant achievement and a noteworthy occasion that warrants proper publicity. However, capturing the essence of such an accomplishment and sharing it with your audience effectively can be a challenging task. Whether you’re a seasoned government contractor or new to the game, knowing how to write a press release can be instrumental in highlighting your successes and positioning your company as a leader in your field. 

This guide will offer a detailed press release template designed specifically for government contractors. We’ll walk you through how to structure your announcement, what information to include, and how to engage your audience, using a press release about a major contract win as a practical example. 

Lastly, we will talk about how to distribute a press release properly


The basic structure of the press release would remain the same, as it is a universally accepted format. However, considering the target audience, some specific elements could be emphasized or added. 

  1. Relevance to Government Regulations: Contractors need to be careful about what they disclose, so it’s important to confirm that all information in the press release is approved for public release.  This includes the use of logos!
  1. Contract Details: More focus can be given to the specifics of the contract, such as its duration, the services or products to be provided, and any significant milestones within the contract. However, only include details that have been cleared for release. 
  1. Past Performance: Highlight past successes with similar contracts, if any. This can help position the company as a leader in this contract space and experienced contractor.
  1. Benefits to the Public: As the contract is from a government body, it would be beneficial to mention how this contract win could lead to improvements or benefits for the public sector, if applicable.

Here is Sample Press Release Template:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ( I like putting this in red, but that is optional)

Insert your Contact Information: (You can label this “Media Contact” or simply “Contact Information”

(Your Name)  

(Your Position)  

(Your Email)  

(Your Phone Number)


Engage the reader with a compelling headline that summarizes the contract win.


Provide additional details to further engage interest.

City, State, Date — Start your press release with the location and the date, followed by a succinct and impactful introduction that encapsulates the core news about the contract win. Make sure the information has been approved for public release.


Paragraph 2:

Elaborate on the details of the contract, such as its duration, the nature of the services or products to be provided, and any significant milestones. Again, make sure this information has been cleared for release.*

Paragraph 3:

Include quotes from key staff to provide a personal perspective on the contract win. This can help add a human element to the press release.*

Paragraph 4 and beyond:

Further explain the contract win. Highlight past successes with similar agencie and contracts. Mention how this contract win will benefit the public, if applicable.

About [Your Company]

End with a brief paragraph about your company. This should be a boilerplate – a short paragraph that explains the identity of your company and what it does.


Any additional information that may be helpful to journalists, such as photo availability, multimedia content, or upcoming events or webinars related to your announcement.