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How Brands Can Use ChatGPT & AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become more and more vital for businesses to maintain an up to date marketing strategy. The most popular technology within the AI space right now is the AI content generator ChatGPT. OpenAI developed this large language model to improve upon efficiencies by generating copy for blogs, social media and more! Let’s dive into how brands can use ChatGPT to generate content and keep evolving in their marketing efforts. 

Chatbots: Enhancing the Customer Experience Through AI

Chatbots have become more and more popular on company websites, and for good reason. Chatbots help to reduce costs by allowing staff to service more customers without increasing their overheads. A recent study by Aspect Software Research showed that 44% of website users said they would prefer interacting with a chatbot rather than a human customer service provider.

One of the most useful ways to utilize ChatGPT is through chatbots. They can be integrated into websites and social media to provide personalized customer experience.

For example: while a customer is looking over the website, it can make product recommendations based on their browsing history. 

Creating Content Using AI

Additionally, ChatGPT can be used to generate captions, hashtags, and other elements to make social media posts more engaging and reach a broader audience.

AI  can be used to create quality, engaging content for social media, websites or blogs. The application of a virtual copywriter is endless and can provide marketers with a great timesaver without sacrificing quality. 

Generating Personalized Campaigns

AI-powered personalization is another way for businesses to use AI to analyze customer data. The data collected then helps ChatGPT create a more personal message to each customer who sees the ad, increasing the chance it resonates with any potential customer.  

Writing A/B Test Copy

ChatGPT can generate different versions of an ad or product description. You would then compare the performance of each version to see which does better with your customers. This is just another way for marketers to find out which message leads to action with their targeted audience and optimize the process accordingly. 

ChatGPT has many other useful tools, such as:


      •  Creating engaging captions

      • Relevant topics based on customer data

    Revamping Pricing Strategies With AI

    You need to be utilizing AI to collect as much information about your customers as possible. Their buying history is available to machine learning algorithms that can then predict their purchasing behavior when on your website. If you can create a target marketing strategy around this AI, you can then develop a plan to optimize your pricing strategies.

    Let’s say the AI sees a new customer on your website who has a history of buying expensive products similar to yours. You can then market your products as lower than market value or slowly increase the price of your products to meet industry pricing. 

    How ArtForm Can Help

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