Customized Digital Marketing Strategies
for Niche Audiences

Find the right places online to get in front of the right people and win their trust.

Crack the marketing code for B2G and B2B to generate more revenue, leads, traffic and results


Break through obstacles to reach key decision makers.


Stay in front of your members and keep them engaged.

Federal Agencies

Find the people who need the programs you offer.


Find the future
donors who believe
in your mission.

Reaching niche audiences is a highly-specific art form.

Niche marketing and advertising defies cookie-cutter formulas and the “tried and true.” Every sales target requires a new, custom strategy to avoid wasting time and money on campaigns, and the power of these strategies depend on these two things working together.

The Art

Creative marketing tactics and innovation are the keys to reaching highly-specific audiences and making sure your voice is heard!

The Form

Creative content and tactics put you in the spotlight, but well-researched data makes sure you’re actually in the right place and tells us if your targets like what you’re saying.

For example

Email marketing won’t make it through the firewalls of the DOD, but with the right data research, you can reach your targets on their smartphones with geo-fenced ads in the Pentagon’s parking lot!

Claim the advantages of digital marketing

In the pandemic, digital marketing and advertising became an issue of survival as traditional face-to-face tactics went away. As we find our way forward, digital’s power to unlock new potential for growth is clear, and the new mantra is, “For crying out loud, why weren’t we doing this before?”

Access New Sales Channels

They can’t hide from you anymore! Target hard-to-reach decision makers and expand your reach into new opportunities.

Amplify Your Presence at Live Events

Use digital strategies to meet way more leads at in-person events and keep building the relationship afterwards.

Attract New Talent to Your Team

The same message and tactics that reach your niche audience are also helpful in finding the right talent for your team.

Partner with Leaders in the art form of
digital marketing.

CEO Janet Waring and the ArtForm team are sought-after speakers and thought-leaders for digital marketing and government marketing forums, such as:

  • The Public Affairs Council
  • The GAIN Conference by Government Marketing University
  • Grow with Google and Other Google Workshops
  • The Forbes Business Development Council
  • The Pulse of GovCon
  • Federal News Network
  • Women in Technology DC
  • Maryland Women’s Business Center


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Find a Custom Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Go from following someone else’s marketing checklist to playing chess and calling checkmate on the competition. 

1. Position Your Brand

We combine qualitative and quantitative data to better understand market trends and talk about the things your audience cares about. That might sound simple, but you’d be surprised how often this gets missed!

2. Reach the Right People in the Right Places

Use advanced data research to find your people and where they hang out online. When you show up talking about things people care about in a relevant place, it feels less “stalker-ey” and more natural.

3. Become the Obvious Choice

Own your space! Earn trust over time and position yourself as the top-of-mind authority to create growth opportunities for your brand.


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