Public Sector Marketing – Why Digital Marketing is important for Government Contractors

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly crucial within the government contracting sector. As a professional in this field, I understand the significance of building an online presence, demonstrating expertise, and leveraging digital tools to attract new business opportunities. With the government procurement process becoming more digital, an effective online marketing strategy is vital for contractors aiming to excel in this competitive arena.

SEO Best Practices Guide


Determine a specific keyword you’d like your page to rank for Do your research and choose a keyword that is most relevant to your content, contains a low difficulty score, has a high organic click-through-rate (CTR) and monthly volume. There are many tools to help with this including MOZ, Screaming Frog, Google and more. You […]

How to Write a Case Study

buyers have high expectations

While not a hard and fast rule, case studies that have the information below will provide a fuller picture to the reader about the scope of the challenge the customer/agency faced as well as the solutions provided. Do not use the client’s name in your case study without first gaining their permission! The time to […]

The Must Have Corporate Event Shot List

man taking photo with smart phone at an event

How often have you attended an event and as you’re exiting the venue on the last day, exclaim, “I forgot to take photos!” It is easy to do. It is not your focus. That needs to change. These photos are not only great for real time social posting during the event, but create excellent evergreen […]