Embracing a Cookieless World: Navigating the Future of Online Advertising

A cookieless future…  We’ve heard the news, speculated alternative options, and all began to adjust our advertising checklists. So, what should we expect once this pivotal relic wrapped in a tiny pixel is sunsetted? Will there be positive outcomes?  The phasing out of third-party data is expected to have significant implications for the digital advertising […]

Podcast SEO and Better Optimization

Why SEO is Important for Podcasts In a world dominated by screens and visual content, there’s something enticing about podcasts. Whether you’re a dedicated listener, an aspiring podcaster, or a business looking to harness the potential of audio marketing, this blog is your guide to Podcast SEO and better Optimization. Podcasts offer a unique opportunity […]

How to secure your WordPress Site

Secure your WordPress Site with these simple steps We often talk to clients who have concerns about the open source nature of WordPress. But by taking a few extra steps, you can add extra layers of security to your website and alleviate many of the concerns.  We take security seriously at ArtForm and go through […]

How is GovCon Marketing Different from Commercial Marketing?

Welcome to the strategic world of GovCon Marketing, also known as Government Contracting Marketing. Here, marketing strategies and tactics are masterfully tailored to target government agencies, aiming to secure what can be very lucrative contracts.   While GovCon Marketing shares some parallels with traditional marketing tactics, it also has its unique nuances. These stem from […]

Public Sector Marketing – Why Digital Marketing is important for Government Contractors

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly crucial within the government contracting sector. As a professional in this field, I understand the significance of building an online presence, demonstrating expertise, and leveraging digital tools to attract new business opportunities. With the government procurement process becoming more digital, an effective online marketing strategy is vital for contractors aiming to excel in this competitive arena.

How Brands Can Use ChatGPT & AI

ChatGPT and AI graphic with robot showing a human charts and graphs

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become more and more vital for businesses to maintain an up to date marketing strategy. The most popular technology within the AI space right now is the AI content generator ChatGPT. OpenAI developed this large language model to improve upon efficiencies by generating copy for blogs, social media and more! Let’s […]

SEO Best Practices Guide


Determine a specific keyword you’d like your page to rank for Do your research and choose a keyword that is most relevant to your content, contains a low difficulty score, has a high organic click-through-rate (CTR) and monthly volume. There are many tools to help with this including MOZ, Screaming Frog, Google and more. You […]

How to set up GA4

How to Set Up GA4

With Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) sun setting on July 1, 2023, we recommend you set up and run GA4 Analytics now – in parallel with UA. This will give you an opportunity to experience the difference in the data collection first hand, compare reporting and set up custom dashboards that fit your organization’s online goals.  […]

A Day at GAIN

I stepped out of the Uber at 8:45 a.m. sharp the morning of my first GAIN conference- or really, my first ever conference- and was met by the chilly fall air. The Capital One Hall building before me was massive to say the least, and I felt a sense of nervousness accompanied by excitement as […]